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Contribution graph of a so-called expert programmer.

Silly idea, but if densely packed green colored squares on your GitHub contribution graph are any indication of your programming ability. Then, I should be also considered an expert programmer.

Did I score a magic lamp?

A big noooooooooooooooooooooo………..

Instead of finding Genie, I stumbled upon the Paint GitHub site. This site lets you to of course paint your GitHub contribution graph and fills the graph with greenery.

How to paint your GitHub contribution graph?

Step 1: Goto Paint GitHub site.

Homepage of Paint GitHub

Step 2: Click on Sign in with Github.

A popup window will appear after this step.
The popup that appears after following step 2

Step 3: Click on Authorize andulen. 
Programming experience selector
Step 4: Choose an option from NOVICE to EXPERT and then click on SUBMIT.
I have selected the INTERMEDIATE option. 

Email form
Step 5: Enter your email address and click on YES.
This email address is where you will receive an update when your painting is complete.

Step 6: Sit back and relax while waiting for the email. 

Email from Paint GitHub
Step 7: VoilĂ , it is done.

Visit your GitHub profile.

Contribution graph of an intermediate programmer.

But mom, I am not a liar.

Let me guess, you followed the above steps and experienced what it is like to be an expert programmer without any coding. But, now you want to become an honest programmer. Let me help you to get rid of your fake but real contribution graph.

Step 1: Locate your repositories.
My GitHub Repos.
Step 2: Click on the repo that starts with the name paintgithub-…...
Repo details page.
Step 3: Click on Settings.
Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page.
Repo settings.
Step 4: Click on Delete this repository option.
Repository deletion confirmation dialog.
Step 5: Follow the given instructions and delete the repository.

Step 6: You are finally clean now.
Contribution graph of a noob programmer

But, where is the real painting?

Paint GitHub site also lets you paint drawings and texts on your contribution graph. Just pick a color from the color panel on the right and click on boxes to paint them. You can get creative as you want and decorate your GitHub contribution graph.
Paint example
And click on submit button.
Paint result on GitHub
The painting appears on your GitHub account after the above step. You can delete this painting by simply deleting the repository by following the steps given in the above section.

And a big shoutout to GitHub user anduleh for creating this wonderful tool.